Artificial Intelligence [G. Altmann]

It's rising quickly in the news. Everyone is discussing it. It's being touted as if it is the greatest thing since Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind; but it has a dark and insidious side as well. It's artificial intelligence. I hear a lot about the ChatGPT AI device being sold as the great uniter of humanity, but many philosophers and scientists are saying that we're asking for trouble if it grows and takes over control of our daily lives, or worse, destroys us.

But AI will never be compassionate, loving, hating or get angry because it cannot possess one element of humanity: emotion. It will learn through making logical connections and assumptions, and it will not have the burden of seeking to be liked or accepted. But its greatest flaw is that it will possess the foundational beliefs of its creators. The Left-leaning high-tech data corporations are the main drivers of expanding and accepting this technology to every aspect of human activity.

AI and Cybernetics

Many Sci-Fi movies and TV shows have featured cybernetic beings which are a combination of living flesh and robotic enhancements. You may have heard the term transhumanism, which refers to the fusion of the natural and the artificial. This can range from a very simple artificial limb with limited control or implanted microchips in the human brain, enabling an interface with a computer network. This could even adapt humans to receive instructions from a computer making them somewhat a slave to AI.

Scientists have been awarded a grant for experimentation on merging AI and brain cells. It appears to be a goal for elites to intertwine AI technology into all the basic facets of human life. With the ability to artificially direct humanity through neural links, governments would hold ultimate control over anyone.  Sure, it is all pitched to be for improving humanity, but behind every "good intention" lies a sinister plan. The truth is that many of the modern conveniences of life (electricity, TV, computers, cell phones, etc.) were not conceived to be for the purpose of making everyone's life easier, but to ultimately gain control of everyone through dependence and propaganda. 

Is AI in Biblical Prophecy?

Believe it or not, but I believe that AI could be referenced in the Bible. In Revelation 13 it says that a second beast would arise during the final tribulation and reign of the [first] beast (a.k.a. the antichrist). That second beast (a.k.a. the false prophet) would cause the people to create an "image" of the first beast, and then it would be given life (breath) and a voice to command people to worship the beast. It could order that non-compliant people be killed. This sounds eerily very similar to how AI works. AI units today have a voice and can often fool people into thinking they are actual humans.

Again, this is just my opinion on the question, but it seems very plausible that this image is a computer using AI to control the population of the world on behalf of the antichrist. So it is probably inevitable that AI will be accepted and applied in the world to unite the world. It will be used to replace God with an all-seeing, all-hearing system (cameras and microphones to spy on everyone everywhere). Does this remind you of the old movie "1984" by George Orwell? Everyone should pay attention to how quickly this technology is integrated into society and how it will be monitoring everything you do, from buying food to deciding who can fly.

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