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Welcome to my new blog site "The Things To Come"!

My name is Kelly Akins.

I have been led by the Holy Spirit to create this site so as to help "connect the dots" between world events and Biblical prophecy. As you may be aware of, the world is a crazy place and is getting crazier every day. The Word of God urges believers to be watching and praying (Mark 13:32-37) for the signs and predictions that were graciously given to us.  That exactly is what I want to help everyone do: to watch for and identify what prophetic events are happening and when.

I'm not an accomplished seminary-trained Bible scholar, but I have studied the scriptures for years. The Lord has been pressing me for a while to create this blog and keep it up-to-date as events in the world unfold. It is not my intention to discuss or debate theological beliefs or doctrines of salvation, sin, the Trinity, or other essentials. I am mainly concentrating on future prophesies from the books of Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke and Revelation (among other books as well). I am not doing this to market this blog or make money from it.  I do this because I sincerely care about people and know that God loves them and has extended salvation to them.

It is high time that we believers be prepared for whatever may happen. As the world's nations crush more and more freedoms, the march to global communism is inevitable and getting surprisingly close. Satan is working overtime to set up his kingdom and rule through his false messiah, the Antichrist. Many in the church are falling away and being led astray from the simple Gospel. Whole churches are giving into mainstream evil instead of holding to righteousness and godliness. Whether you believe you will be alive to see these judgments come to pass, we must always be expecting that we Christians will be persecuted more and more as we draw closer to the Great Tribulation and satan's reign over the earth.

I wish you Godspeed. Be blessed in the Lord our God and in His promises!

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