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We see it all around us. It's on TV, the movies, on the news, and chances are you may know someone that practices the occult (more modernly referred to as New Age). It pervades our whole culture, and it is sadly even found in many of our churches! It goes by several names such as Wicca, White Magic, New Age, Inner Light, Kundalini Energy, Energy Healing, Fortune-Telling, Palm-Reading and many others. But it is all rooted in satanic power and demonic control. The Bible does predict that near Christ's second coming there would be an increase in evil and godless activity, marking the reign of evil.

Since the beginning of creation the devil has been conniving and planning on overcoming the Lord by corrupting His creation, and strongly desires to rule over the earth with an iron fist of tyranny. Throughout the ages, he had his hand in the rise and fall of great empires, but it has been prophesied that he will be given a short span of time to overcome God's saints and overtake the earth in near future. Because of the fall of humanity through Adam and Eve, we are suspectible to selfish desires. The devil knows our weaknesses and will offer us fame, power, wealth, or whatever our heart's desire that would put us under his control. 

In Genesis, the serpent (satan) tempted Eve that she could be like God and know both good and evil. Having this extra knowledge indeed would make one feel more powerful and maybe a little god-like. The devil used Eve's personal desire to be more than what God made her to be to cause her to doubt God's word. He works today in many similar ways to deceive some to keep them under his control. They believe they are in total control of their lives with this new knowledge or even supernatural power, but in reality they are under the control of the evil one.

The New World Order

There have been secret societies and collaborations of wealthy and power people for centuries conceiving of a time when the rich and powerful elites would rule over all the people of the world. Satan uses occultic symbolism and deception to fool many into believing they have been enlightened. By teaching these poor souls that there is special knowledge that will enlighten them above the average person, they could move toward their own state of divinity. All the while, they are being exploited to do the will of satan. They are just shiny brazen tools for evil.

The current elites of the world have been planning for many years the play-by-play moves that will inch the world towards economic and spiritual ruin. They are bit-by-bit trying to outlaw true Christianity and Christ, while exalting every ungodly perversion and the sense of nirvana. But New Age symbolism is a way to allure those seeking personal fame and fortune into a false sense of spiritual power. It has caused many people to forsake God and their own human unworthiness to instead exalt themselves to feel as they are gods, some having strange abilities or witch powers.

The ultimate goal of the New Age movement is to guide individuals into a singular consciousness where everyone surrenders his or her own individuality and submits to the universal god (satan). The movement aligns perfectly with the goals of global communism: the entire world under one government, economy, and humanistic religion, all controlled by the "god-like" elites.

Dollar bill pyramidMost of the world's elite are engaged to some degree with occult power and symbolism. There are hand signs or signals those in the know use to identify themselves as being in the "brotherhood". Also certain geometric shapes and figures are publicly displayed to promote this universal New Age movement and anti-God sentiment.

New Age In The Media

The New Age is embedded in our media outlets and movies and are often connected to perverted lifestyles. How many horror movies and TV shows have you seen in the past forty years that deal with supernatural events, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, hauntings, spiritual warrings, witchcraft, and the like? And how many times have you seen good powers fighting against evil powers? Even death is seen as empowering. Yes, many innocent people are being deceived into believing that there are good witches and bad witches. The Word of God warns us to stay away from all witchcraft, as it is connected with evil (even the "good" witches).

Many involved in New Age or paganism often wear black and white clothes or makeup and have strange markings over their bodies. They identify with darkness and ugliness, and often are antisocial. That is the mark of the devil. These types of characters have appeared in many newer movies and TV shows and often are glamorized as being normal and cool. 

At no other time in history has so many people dove head first in to the occult. So many are sold out believing they will be ushering in a better more perfect world.  They don't realize the chaos that is following them. We have been warned that evil would increase especially in the last days before the second coming (2 Timothy 3:1-9). The mass media is the biggest driver of this massive push to destroy Christianity and exalt the government. It is imperative that we warn people where this road leads. Only the Lord can truly rescue them and fill them with His joy and peace.

New Age In The Church

It's difficult to imagine how some churches allow New Age ideas and even witchcraft to go unabated in their sanctuaries. Many churches have wandered away from the central truth of the Gospel and invited evil in, going against the very righteousness of God and spiritually deceiving many. A recent example is this blasphemous mocking of God. It seems like every week I hear of more churches supporting perversion and tolerating unrighteousness. They have shown God the door and embraced the devil and his evil lying destructive teachings. So many have abandoned sound doctrine and have given in to demonic doctrines (1 Timothy 4:1-2). New Age mysticism is often mixed with truth to create division and draw believers away from the simple truth of the Gospel.  We have been warned to take no part of it.

There are many popular TV pastors, preachers, teachers and others that are deeply involved in occultic practices. There are reports that several well-known names are members of the freemasons. They teach a foreign gospel of personal enlightenment and blessing, but never mention Christ, salvation or sin. They often are wealthy and take advantage of the weak-minded. Beware! They are preaching a "new age" gospel that will destroy your soul. The Apostle Paul warns us to test the message you hear to determine if it is true (Acts 17:11). He heavily condemns false teachers and prophets (1 John 4:1). But the enemy attacks the truth by watering it down with a lot of error. We should always strive to follow the Lord instead of pursuing personal enlightenment and spiritual edification. Christ provided everything we needed when He died and was raised again!

Please beware of how satan invades our minds, our hearts and spirits by offering us power to control our own destiny. The world will grasp this and believe they are helping humanity move toward unification, but will find themselves condemned. 

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