Jewish Temple

The Jewish temple was the holy place designed and appointed by God for the Jews to worship and serve the Lord.  There was even a special area that was off limits to everyone except the high priest called the Holy of Holies. The ark of the covenant was kept there. Once a year the high priest would enter this place where God Himself was present and would offer a burnt offering for a sacrifice. At the time that Jesus Christ was crucified, God removed the veil that separated everyone from God. Jesus' death was the last sacrifice God needed and required.

In 70 A.D. Jerusalem was destroyed and its people killed and scattered across the world. The temple was also destroyed. Today an Islamic mosque sits on the site of the old Jewish temple called the Dome of the Rock. Scripture tells us the temple (also referred to as the Holy Place) must exist before Christ returns. One of the main signs given by our Lord is that the "Abomination of Desolation", who is the antichrist, would be seen in the Holy Place (the temple). That would mark the start of the final 3-1/2 years (the great tribulation) before the reign of Christ on earth begins. But this sign can't happen until after the temple is built.

Why do I equate the Temple with the Holy Place? Daniel 12:11 and Daniel 9:27 tell us that there will be a daily sacrifice (for the sins of the Jews). In the Old Testament people brought animal sacrifices to the temple. When the antichrist is standing in the Holy Place, he will stop the daily sacrifices.

Over the past few years, Israelis have been preparing to build a new Jewish temple. Besides the building materials, they will need to find a red heifer that will be the sacrifice. This red heifer must be perfect and unblemished (Numbers 19:1-10). Israel has received the first red heifer in preparation for the beginning of sacrifices for sins when the new temple is completed according to the Scriptures. This is just another prerequisite that is coming to pass confirming that we are getting another step closer to the end time events and the coming of our Lord.

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